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  • Welcome-Wagon Box
  • Welcome-Wagon Box
  • Welcome-Wagon Box

Welcome-Wagon Box

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Coming out can be tough, but it doesn't need to be so lonely! That's why we've curated this special box full of goodies to celebrate and support you on your coming out journey! 

The BabyGay Welcome-Wagon Box is a caring embrace from the LGBTQ+ community to make you feel loved, inspired, and proud to live your truth.

What's Inside:

  • Messages of Love - Uplifting notes written by BabyGay community members sharing their own coming out experiences
  • BabyGay Merch - Rock your new identity with fun apparel and accessories
  • Coming Out Journal - A journaling book with a personalized note of encouragement plus prompts to explore your feelings
  • Inspirational Candle - Light this and let its warm glow remind you to shine bright
  • Ultimate Pride Watchlists - Curated lists of top LGBTQ+ TV shows, movies, podcasts, books and music to dive into
  • Sponsored Goodies - Special items from brands who support the community

Whether you're just coming to terms with your identity, or ready to share it with the world, this box has everything you need to celebrate this brave new chapter. Welcome to the BabyGay community - we have your back every step of the way!